Higgs, Craig

Drug dealer
Murder victim
Deaf son of Australia's most powerful and notorious drug lord. Attended the Victoria School for Deaf Children in Melbourne, then followed his father into the illegal drug trade. At first married to a CODA woman, he divorced and then later remarried to a deaf woman, Sonya. Rumors in the deaf community had it that Craig Higgs had up to 40 million in Australian dollars hidden in his home, and one deaf man, Benjamin Masters (q.v.), talked 3 friends into going with him to burglarize Higg's home to find and take the money. When they accidentially woke the sleeping Higgs and Sonya, they panicked and struck Higgs and Sonya with metal pipes and fled without getting anything. Craig Higgs was flown to a hospital but declared brain dead the next day. Sonya was hospitalized in critical condition but recovered. However, she then received serious injuries in a car crash, leaving her in a vegetable state. Rumors had it that her brakes had been tampered with to prevent her from testifying in the trial. In 2001, Masters and the other three burglars were arrested, tried, and imprisoned. Although they were in "protective custody" while in prison, their safety once released from prison was in question, since Higg's father undoubtedly would seek violent revenge.
Deaf Target, p.141-162.
1965?-8 December 1999