McGregor, Robert P.

School founder
Newspaper editor
Lay reader
At least one source misspells this name as "MacGregor". Born at Lockland, OH and deafened between 7 and 8 by "brain fever". Went to the School for the Deaf at Columbus, OH 1861-1866. Apprenticed in a Dayton, OH print shop, but quit and went to Gallaudet College, graduating 1872. Taught at the Maryland School for the deaf 1872-1875, then founded the Cincinnati Day School for the Deaf, 1875, serving as its principal for 6 years. One year as principal of the Colorado School for the deaf, then back ot the Ohio School for the Deaf as a teacher 1883-1889. One year as principal of the St. Louis Day School for the Deaf, then back to OSD in Columbus from 1890 until retirement in 1920. Instrumental, with Robert Patterson and others, in the founding of the Ohio Home for Aged and Infirm Deaf (now Columbus Colony). M.A. from Gallaudet College, 1892. Active in deaf organizations, including serving as the first President of the National Association of the Deaf (then called the National Deaf-Mute Association). Contributor of many articles to the deaf press; edited the Deaf-Mute Press and the National Exponent. Became a lay reader in the Episcopal Church. Married Hester M. Porter in 1876, a graduate of the Maryland School for the deaf. He can be seen signing in the 1913 film A Lay Sermon: The Universal Brotherhood of Man and the Fatherhood of God (videotape VHS 959, also included in VHS 992). Killed when struck by a car while walking.
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26 April 1849-21 December 1926