Fjeld, Julianna

Film director
Born deaf at Minneapolis, MN. Attended the John Tracy Clinic, where visits from Spencer Tracy inspired her to later go into acting, then various schools for the deaf, never staying very long at any one because her father was a military officer who had to relocate often. She finally graduated from the California School for the Deaf, Berkeley in 1966. B.A. (1970) from Gallaudet College; acted and/or directed in the National Theatre of the Deaf, the Mark Taper Forum, Sesame Street, Love Is Never Silent, Children of a Lesser God, and numerous television programs. Was co-artistic director of the National Theatre of the Deaf, 1991-Dec. 1992. Co-executive director for the TV-movie Love Is Never Silent (1985, adapted from Joanne Greenberg's novel In This Sign), winning the Emmy Award for the best television drama special. Taught for several years in Gallaudet University's television/film department, then in 1998 moved back to California. A video documentary on her life is Julianna: a Portrait.
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1 June 1947-