Vinci, Priscilla Antoinette

Computer programmer
Murder victim
Deafness discovered at age 19 months. Graduated Gallaudet College and went to work for TRW as a computer programmer. In 1985, she began tutoring Ronald James Blaney jr. (q.v.) in computer programming when he returned to school for more training. They began a very stormy relationship, with Ron becoming obsessed with her and she in a love-hate situation with him but psychologically unable to leave him. Ron attempted to strangle her once and badly beat her on another occasion, yet they remained together. On May 4, 1987, they had a argument in a TTY conversation, then that evening Ron came by the Vinci house, apparently lost his temper, possibly worsened by not taking his anti-epileptic medication, and stabbed both Priscilla and her mother to death. A book about this case is Tragedy in Deaf Orange County (1992).
__ April? 1953-4 May 1987