Malm, Carl Oscar

School founder
Born in Eura and spent early childhood in Askola, both in Finland. Deafened around age 5 from uncertain causes, possibly scabies. At first home schooled, then attended the Manilla Institute for the deaf in Stockholm, Sweden from age 8 until leaving in 1845 to return to Porvoo, Finland. Became a private tutor of 2 deaf boys, then in 1846 founded Finland's first school for the deaf in his home town of Porvoo. This school lasted about 12 years, until the opening of the government-supported school for the deaf at Turku, Finland. He was passed over for director of the new school because of his deafness, but became a teacher in the new school. Became interested in the new field of photography and encouraged one of his students, Fritz Hirn (q.v.), to pursue that field. Died at the early age of 37 from pneumonia, possibly contracted after helping a horse that had fallen into a river. Buried in Turku.
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12 February 1826-8 June 1863